Herbal Zen is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic at Hackney, North London, wee helps connect you with nature and health; we help revitalize you with the quintessence of Triditional Chinese Medicine; we return you to a state of physical harmony. Healbal Zen prides itself in having highly experienced Chinese Medicine doctors, who have won well recognised reputations in their previous practice in UK. The qualifications and experience of our Chinese doctors is of paramount importance at our Hackney Chinese Medicine clinic.

We look at you as an individual - an integrated but unique person. At our Hackney Chinese Medicine clinic, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors’ considerable knowledge and many years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine means you are given an expert diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment plan exclusively tailored to you. Furthermore, our Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors’ sound knowledge and extensive clinical experience in Western Medicine allows us to combine the great heritage of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the theory of Western Medicine, and incorporating both aspects into our thorough two-way diagnosis. However, our Chinese doctors believe in the curing power of  Chinese Medicine for four main reasons:

       1. Natural remedy with no side effects

       2. Treating the causes as well as the symptoms

       3. Treating conditions undefined or untreatable by Western Medicine

       4. Long-term benefits to your well-being

At Herbal Zen, we let you feel the wonderful power of natural herbs, the magic connection between acupuncture needles and those invisible and mysterious “points” on your body. We offer you an integrated and exclusive experience that will benefit you and your life

You can rely on our Chinese doctors’ expert diagnosis; their safe, effective and tailor-made treatment. With the magic hand of our doctors, with the wonders of herbs, acupuncture and other Chinese Medicinal therapies, our Chinese doctors will help you counteract the opposing forces that affect your body and mind and resume a state of harmonisation and balance for you.

There are a number of chronic conditions which have been treated with distinctly positive results by our doctors, including some commonly known ones such as Hay Fever, Infertility, Insomnia and Asthma.